Laboratory Services

GEMS GRADING & APPRAISING INC. offers diamond grading, coloured stones identification and grading, jewellery and watch appraising services. Based on the results of examination GGA Inc. issues seven different kinds of reports:

  • Diamond Report
  • Diamond Certificate and Diamond ID
  • Gemstone Evaluation Report and Certificate
  • Appraisal Report and Certificate


Diamond Report

The Diamond Report combines all the best features found in similar reports issued by major gemmological laboratories, such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and American Gemological Society Laboratory (AGSL).

The Report includes information about the physical measurements of the diamond (dimensions, weight, proportions, etc.), its colour, clarity and cut grades, and whether there is fluorescence. It also shows a plotting diagram with internal and external characteristics of the diamond.


Diamond Certificate and Diamond ID

The Diamond Certificate is a smaller version of the Diamond Report. It includes a diamond image, measurements and the grading. However, it does not include proportions and the plotting diagram of the diamond.

The Diamond ID is a compact version of the Diamond Certificate (55.00 mm x 85.00 mm). It shows weight, measurements, colour, clarity and cut of the diamond. There is no image and retail value of the diamond.


Gemstone Evaluation Report and Certificate

The Gemstone Evaluation Report is designed for coloured gemstones (ruby, sapphire, emerald, alexandrite and etc.). Besides weight, measurements, clarity and cut of the gemstone itprovides a full description of colour, which includes Hue, Tone, and Saturation. This is important for a thorough description of the gemstone in question. The Report also lists the steps taken to identify the gemstone.

The Gemstone Evaluation Certificate is a smaller version (passport size) of the gemstone Evaluation Report, and it does not include retail value.


Appraisal Report and Certificate

The Appraisal Report includes the following information: full name and address of the client, spot price of metal, purpose of the appraisal (i.e. Insurance, Estate/Probate, Liquidation), karat of metal (gold, platinum, silver), colour of metal, type of manufacture, type of settings, type of finish, full description of the gemstones, detailed photograph, markings, weight of the item.

Appraisal Certificate is a “Passport” size version of the Appraisal Report designed for travelling.

All GGA reports have reference number, are sealed with the company seal, and have full name and qualifications of the appraisers, address and phone number. The reports are laminated to ensure the integrity of the documents.


Diamond Laser Inscription

GGA Inc. is one of few laboratories offering diamond laser inscription services in Canada. Laser inscription is a good method for achieving the following:

  • Identify and protect your diamonds by inscribing their serial number or certificate number.

  • Brand your company name by inscribing it with your logo.

  • Customize your client’s diamond by inscribing a personalized message of their choice.


Prepurchasing Jewellery Consultation

We understand that the jewellery buying experience can be intimidating, and not every consumer receives the proper education during his or her purchase.

For those who wish to gain an understanding of diamonds and gemstones in an environment free of sales pressure, we offer jewellery consultation as well as jewellery buying workshops.


Jewellery Photography

Because jewellery reflects, in some cases, up to 99% of the light it receives, it can be very difficult to photograph properly. The presence of colour stones or diamonds makes the job even more difficult. Additional challenges include the reflection of the photographer, and washing out due to using flash.

To solve the problem GGA Inc. uses specialized digital imaging system, which create the proper lighting condition. Different backgrounds allow us to create custom images of fine jewellery, emphasizing the beauty of design, gemstones, along with craftsmanship of the jeweller.